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Hi I am New!

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Dec. 17th, 2006 | 03:33 pm
posted by: mstokyorose in hina_matsuri


I found this livejournal and I thought it looked nice to join! I love Japan and have been there twice for vacation. I currently I am in college and I am getting my degree in Asian Studies: Japan. Most of all I love cooking Japanese food. I also run a website that promotes Japanese food and you can buy and just recently I started adding CIY or cook it yourself kits to the website so if anyone would like to learn how to make something come check out the site at:


here is some other things we have there right now:

For the holiday season www.thinktokyo.com has two new sets for everyone to check out. The first is the Okanomiyaki set. If Okanomiyaki has ever been a little intimidating to anyone or if it something you had before and want to make it yourself our kit will give you all the things you need and simple easy directions in English on how to make this wonderful Japanese treat. It also makes a wonderful gift! We only have one set left so hurry!

www.thinktokyo.com is also offer a set of 5 diffrent Japanese breads including green tea, custard, maple, melon and chocolate. They come individually wrapped and preserved directly from Kobe Japan. This would also make a great gift or a wonderful breakfast or snack on a cold winter day! We only have one set left so hurry!

Finally check out our dollar specials on our snack page these make great stocking stuffers, gifts or if you need a snack a nice little treat.

Please come check us out at www.thinktokyo.com and I look forward to reading everyone's post and learn more about Japan!

Happy Holidays

MsTokyoRose and Think Tokyo

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